Monday, 16 September 2013

Getting Older or Growing Up?

Time moves faster and finally I've reach sixteenth. I'm still an adolescent! Am I getting older? Wait, I'm just growing up! hehe.
God already gave me many precious moments and joy this year. My last year birthday wishes, "Tears become a laughter and sorrow become a joy" are no joke. I had a wonderful year.
Last year, I almost falling. Failure and mistakes keeps haunting me. But the words ahead, they're cheering me up.
Yeah, no matter what they say. I'll make my tears become a laughter and my sorrow become a joy. And then, my life changed. Peoples who dislikes me still exists. People who want to see me falling still waiting. I promise, I never give up easily as they want. They won't kill me, right? Things that doesn't kill you make you stronger. Yeah. *hifive*
Last year is not an easy year but I'm grateful. I still have a chance to move ahead.
Many things to learn, many tasks to did, this year gonna be a hard year.
Whatever. Like Bautista said, "Anywhere it leads me to, my heart has a mind of its own," Hehe.
Fight for next year.
Cheers! ]
My own birthday card. Glad to give myself this ]

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