Saturday, 5 April 2014


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It's first week-end on April and whatever they'll said, It's not a good week-end.
Formula1 will be held on 6th April at Bahrain. Can't wait!

Talking about formula1, I like watching them since I was at elementary school. About 6 or 7 years old, maybe?
First time I saw them, I didn't feel weird. Someone told me there's no need to watch 22 drivers run around a circuit for almost 2 hours.. Hey, haters. How about soccer? You like to saw 22 people running through the field just to steal a ball from another person? Whatever. I love them both, haha

First time I saw them, I admire how they try to beat another one. Forget about how beautiful the circuit is, their fan's hysteria, forget how the podium looks like. Look the way they drive. Ah-maze-ing! When they're brake, when they're on pit stop, ah. I can't describe how I felt before and after watch the race.

That time, I was amazed with a driver from the red team called Michael Schumacher. A 6 years old girl who only remember 'red car' and 'Michael Schumacher'. A 6 years old girl who shout "yeaayyy!" loudly when he reached finish line and when he stood on the podium, a girl who sang loudly German and Italian national anthem, a girl who cheerfully clapped her hands while he sprayed champagne

I'm one of his fan. Not a 'sasaeng' one. Like what Sebastian Vettel said earlier that he wanna be like him, I wanna be like him too. But I'm a girl and I'm not interested to be a Formula1 driver. I interested 'playing' with their machine instead driving up to 150 km/h that will makes me crazy.

He's married and he had a daughter and a son. His daughter is on my age, so I keep wondering how she felt having such a great father like him. I'm really curious :> (Beside, I'm having a super-great-father too haha)
He kept his personal life, it means he cares. Okay, for many time today, Whatever.

When I heard him having an accident, I'm so sad. (Maroon5 - Sad)
Wake up, sir. You were having many battles before, but this is the only one battle you should win.
We need a miracle, we'll be wishing all the best thing for you *sigh

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